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For many years, human beings and horses have had a natural bond and a great relationship. Horses have helped and served man in various ways such as wars, productivity, transport, and agricultural activities. Horses have also contributed a lot in enhancing man’s civilization, and due to this reason, horses have always been glorified by a man from each generation to the other. Horses are indeed always associated with great virtues and achievements such as power, freedom, nobility, strength, grace, and beauty. Horses are some of the amazing creatures in the world, and we have come up with a list of the ten favorite breeds.

1. Mustang

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Most people refer Mustang’s as “wild horses” but due to the reason that they are also descendants of domesticated horses, you can refer to them as “feral horses.” The first or original kind of this breed were the Colonial Spanish horses, but they have later been crossbred with other horses recently. Mustangs have a high tolerance ability and are also known as “sure-footed.”

2. Andalusian

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The horse was developed on the Iberian Peninsula and is also called a “Pure Spanish Horse.” For many years, this horse has been recognized for its great skills during war times and has been highly praised by the nobles. The horse was also ridden by European kings and was used as a diplomacy tool by the Spanish government. Andalusian is not only famous for war purposes but also due to its docility, intelligence and sensitivity.

3. Marwari

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These are a scarce breed coming from India in the Marwar (Jodhpur) region. Their unique ear tips make them easily identifiable as they are inward-turning. These are very hardy breeds that were developed by cross-breeding native Indian ponies with Arabian horses. The first Marwar horses were first bred by the Rathors (traditional leaders of the Marwar area) back in the 12th century. Warriors in the Marwar region used them as Calvary horses for centuries and are very famous for their bravery and loyalty at war.

4. The Morgan Horse

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One of the oldest breeds to be established in America, the Morgan horse has played a lot of roles in American history. Morgan horses were used as coach horses, for mobility and also participated in the American Civil War as cavalry horses. The breed is also famous and honored for its skillfulness.

5. Gypsy Horse

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This breed is also called the “Irish Gypsy.” It traces its roots back to the British Isles, despite being identified with the Romania (Gypsy) traveling individuals of Ireland and Britain. The horse is unique and very expensive due to its feathering or long hair that begins from its knees and ends up to its hooves. The Roma of Great Britain developed the breed to assist pull wagons or vardoes in which they resided or traveled in. The gypsy horse was also not considered a breed until the year 1996.

6. Haflinger

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This breed is also called the Avelignese. The breed came from Northern Italy and Austria around the late 19th century. The horse has a chestnut color and is generally dense. It also has a unique gait that can be described as having a blend of both smooth and energetic characteristics, and also have well-built muscles that create their elegant feature. They are also very hardy and are suitable for mountain terrains.

7. Appaloosa

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The Appaloosa is bred in America and is easily recognized due to its spotted coat. The horse was bred by Nez Perc Natives and was also known as the “Palouse horse” due to the Palouse River. Unfortunately, the breed almost became extinct after the Nez Perc war that happened in 1877, but was later saved by some committed breeders and has turned out to be one of the most prominent breeds in the United States.

8. Arabian

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The Arabian horse is one of the most famous horse breeds in the world. Coming from the Arabian Peninsula, it turns out to be indeed one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Archeological evidence shows that the Arabian horse still existed over 4,500 years ago. The horse breed has spread into various parts of the world due to trade and war. The horse breed bloodline can almost be traced in all modern horse breeds due to its speed, tolerance, refinement and strong muscles and bones.

9. Friesian

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These horse breed originally comes from Friesland, Netherlands. It’s big but yet nimble and very graceful. The horse breed ancestors have a great history and are believed to have highly been demanded in the Middle Ages in Europe during war times due to their ability to move knight and armor. The Friesian horse has become extinct on several occasions, however in previous decades, the Friesian horse has become famous due to its great features.
Horses are indeed very beautiful beings who are also respected a lot by men due to the great services they offer them. Horses are also a sign of class since in the modern days they are not used in wars anymore. There is over three hundred horse breed but the ones listed above are the most beautiful and that any classy individual should feel good about themselves owning one. They also contribute a lot in the luxurious sporting activities.

10. Akhal-Teke

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The breed turns out to be the national symbol of Turkmenistan. Akhal-Teke is very popular for its speed, tolerance, intelligence and its unique metallic sheen coat. The breed’s shiny coat has made it nicknamed as the “Golden horse.” The horse is not only gorgeous, but it’s also very hardy and easily survives in harsh climate conditions. Akhal-Teke is also believed to be one of the oldest horse breeds in the world that still exists today.